Mold Remediation Experts in Metro Washington DC

Any type of mold can cause health issues, particularly due to the allergens they produce. Some types of mold produce irritants and even toxins, but most of them cause adverse health effects in those with allergies. Indoor mold grows best in areas with poor ventilation or uncontrolled humidity, as its base needs are moisture and oxygen. It can easily grow on many concealed surfaces, such as behind walls and furniture, inside HVAC drain pans, and inside of porous materials such as insulation.

Americlean Services Corporation serving the Washington DC Metropolitan area conforms to the ANSI/IICRC S520 standard. In order to perform the most complete mold remediation job for you, our capabilities are:

  • Engineering controls
  • Removal of contaminated material
  • Specialized cleaning
  • Encapsulation and coatings
  • Crawlspace restoration
  • Reconstruction/Restoration

Engineering Controls:

Removal of Contaminated Material:

Specialized Cleaning:

Encapsulation and Coatings:

Crawlspace Restoration:

Reconstruction / Restoration: